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FOX Play is the official app from the FOX TV channel that lets you access the entire content of FOX, FOX+, FX, National Geographic, and FOX Kids. There are movies, series, cartoons, documentaries, and sports – all from the screen of your Android. Obviously to watch all this content, you need to be subscribed to FOX Play.

As you'd expect, all the content on FOX Play is in high def. You can enjoy it in various languages and with different subtitle options. You can also be the first to have access to series like The Walking Dead and best of all can find all the episodes, perfectly in order and ready to play.

One of the best features in the app is that you can restart any video where you left off. You can also create alerts so you never miss any interesting sports event.

FOX Play is an absolutely essential app for FOX clients. It offers a huge amount of content of amazing quality. The interface of the app, for its part, is elegant and accessible.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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